Sikrea Talkor

Kel Dor Soldier


Sikrea Talkor spent his early years underfoot at the cantina his father Leb owned. Sikrea learned at an early age to listen when other people spoke. Trading information he gathered on drunken patrons he helped his father maintain an uneasy peace with Nar Shaddaa’s criminal element. Sikrea’s mother Yella was another story. An enforcer for the local Hutt crime family Yella’s skill with a blaster was constantly tested. As was her morality.


As Sikrea grew to adulthood he began to realize that the grey area his parents inhabited could not and would not be for him. He tended the cantina for his father and became fast friends with the Wookie bouncer his father had bought. Sikrea spent enough time with the creature that he picked up some of its guttural language. The two spent their nights keeping watch over the cantina. Their days were spent wandering the city-planet. The more he saw, the more Sikrea knew he was never going to find a place here. Scum, villainy, hives of them everywhere on the wretched planet.


Halfway through his second decade Sikrea took his father’s cloak and his own blaster rifle and boarded a transport bound for the Core worlds. Sikrea enlisted with the Republic Corps. Acing his tactical and marksmanship exams Sikrea thought he was destined for greatness. But a few ill-timed drinks and one ill-placed punch placed him on the wrong side of a Republic Senator from Cato Neimoidia, and he was perfunctorily expelled from the Corps and left to his own devices on Coruscant.


It was at this time that he met Quent Rantou, a human recruiter for the Neo-Crusaders. The Neo-Crusaders were a group of ill-trained wannabe Mandalorians, going so far as to steal the name of one of the great Mandalorian Orders for themselves. Quent led Sikrea on two successful missions. One a protection circuit for a Trandoshan weapons dealer and the other a lengthy cargo haul to the outer rim. Sikrea held his blaster rifle at the ready on both missions and never once touched the trigger.

Upon returning to their base on Coruscant following the cargo run, Sikrea overheard Quent speaking with a representative of the Black Suns organization. The Neo-crusaders disbanded the following evening and Sikrea was once again left in the wind.


Beaten down and alone Sikrea received a cryptic message from his father. Tragedy had finally taken Yalla. Unfortunately, Leb was determined to track down the one responsible. Sikrea scraped the few creds he had left to him and booked transport back to Nar Shaddaa.


Sikrea Talkor

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